Atelier Schaublin à Bévilard, 1965. © CEJARE, Fonds Schäublin

An international reputation

With over a century of experience, Schaublin Machines SA is a manufacturer of renowned and durable multi-spindle CNC turning centers: There are many enthusiasts who work with machines that are more than 60 years old, to their great satisfaction.

Legendary Swiss lathes

The famous Schaublin lathes are sold worldwide, especially in Europe, India and China. Schaublin Machines SA has a unique expertise in high precision turning, a fine example of evolution where the best of yesterday and today come together to accompany you into the future.

The future is now

The heir of the famous Schaublin 110 lathe, the 632/642-Y-CNC lathe, is experiencing great success, meeting the demands of agents and customers in the Swiss and German markets to upgrade their products with current technologies. Today's technological possibilities have made it possible to combine the advantages of the past with today's technologies, including a new Fanuc Oi-TF PLUS numerical control, CE standards, increased productivity with more machine axes, heat management, standard and interchangeable components, and reduced set-up times. The alliance between Schaublin technology and precision has been achieved for timeless performance!


La première usine Schaublin vers la gare de Malleray-Bévilard L’atelier Schaublin à Bévilard en 1961 © Brian Annesley
Imagined and designed by Giorgianni & Moeschler

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